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You are a God or Goddess, as such, you deserve to have followers to worship you.

Manifestation[edit | edit source]

Before you can appear before your worshipers, you need to decide how you will manifest in the world. They need to know what you look like, what to call you and your religion, and other insignificant details that end up being very important to them.

Commandment[edit | edit source]

You appear before your prophet and declare your primary commandment. This determines the initial direction that your religion grows:

  • the style of combat
  • the starting classes for your disciples and which classes best fit the religion
  • the four rituals that can be performed (which stats can be improved)

Tenets[edit | edit source]

Tenets are the building blocks of the religion. Each tenet gives clues to the disciples and followers about how they should live and what activities they should do during the days of preparation; for instance, a disciple might recite a poem in reaction to the Religious Poetry tenet and may gain power or bonuses if the poem is received well or the reverse if it flops. Also, a tenet either unlocks two traditions or a new dedication.

Traditions[edit | edit source]

Traditions are major building blocks of your Religion. They provide you with new God actions that may assign an additional role to a disciple (complete with a new combat ability) or may affect the disciples in some major way (usually including improving the results of the next mission). Traditions are unlocked by accumulating several tenets, which unlock candidate traditions for your religion (the number of tenets for each tradition increases as your religion develops).