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Resources are necessary for the disciples to construct temples and other buildings, to unlock new features and to perform certain God actions.

Materials and Offerings[edit | edit source]

Materials and Offerings are primary resources for growing your Holy City and improving your religion.

  • Materials are used to create and upgrade buildings in your city and to unlock classes for your disciples.
  • Offerings are used to activate God actions and for some building upgrades.

They are obtained in two ways.

  • At the start of each mission, a number of materials and offerings are obtained passively.
  • After winning the sacraments for a mission, a number of tribute chests are won; these contain both materials and offerings.

The Material Gatherer building controls how many materials are obtained passively and in each tribute chest, as does the Offerings Stockpile building for offerings. In addition, several God actions and various random events may affect the number and content of the tribute chests.

Dream Points[edit | edit source]

Dreams are used to inspire your disciples before battle; dream points are a resource collected during a mission to fuel the dream effects. The primary source of dream points is the Night Shrine building, which will provide one to three points at the start of the mission. Blessings can be used to add additional points.

If there are any dream points remaining, a dream can be sent to a disciple. The points are spent to select combat bonuses for use during the current mission.

Happiness[edit | edit source]

The followers in your city have a general level of happiness. Happiness is generally gained when your followers conquer an island and lost when they lose sacraments or take on repeatable missions. In addition, adopting certain Traditions, performing some God actions, and various random events may cause changes in happiness.

Although there is no upper limit to happiness, the range from 0 to 10 is significant. The good or bad consequences of random events are determined (in part) by happiness. In addition, if your followers lose all happiness, they will abandon you and you will fade into oblivion.

Followers[edit | edit source]

The number of followers that you have can affect the development of your religion by unlocking buildings. The number of followers you have when you finally ascend to Godhood has long term effects on the ongoing evolution of the world.

Ability Points[edit | edit source]

Disciples use ability points to assign additional abilities. They can be accumulated using the Ability Point and Ability Point + God actions. Increasing numbers of points are needed as more abilities are assigned.