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Tenets are the building blocks of the religion. Each tenet gives clues to the disciples and followers about how they should live and what activities they should do during the days of preparation; for instance, a disciple might recite a poem in reaction to the Religious Poetry tenet and may gain power or bonuses if the poem is received well or the reverse if it flops. Also, a tenet either unlocks two traditions or a new ritual dedication.

Tenets are grouped into three types: Adoration, Social, and Philosophy. The commandment that forms the basis of the religion determines which tenets are available and you spend Development Sparks to adopt each tenet. In addition, after defeating the city of an island, you may choose to adopt a tenet from the defeated religion.

Adoration Tenets[edit | edit source]

Each Adoration tenet increases the faith of all disciples by 10.

You may choose one Adoration tenet to unlock a dedication type for enhancing rituals:

  • Nature & Animal Dedication
  • Symbolic Dedication
  • Celestial Dedication
  • Dark Dedication

This activates the Dedicate Statue God action, which lets the followers build a statue symbolize the Commandment of your religion.

The remaining tenets unlock various traditions.

Tenet Traditions
Adore Llamas Grand Abberation Hermit Pilgrimage
Blood Offer Human Sacrifice Grand Abberation
Blood Sport War Slaves Might Makes Right
Holy Training Champion of <God> Might Makes Right
Meditation Animism Hermit Pilgrimage
Morning Prayer Just New World
Night Prayer Ecstatic Salvation Burials
Oiled Prayer Idol Cannibalism
Mutilate Heretics Idol Doom Prophecy
Offer Food Trade Missions Just New World
Religious Poetry Heavenly Art Just New World
Singing Circles Community Elder Baptism
Study Scriptures School of Philosophy Holy Judge
Venerate Dogs Champion of <God> Community Elder
Worship Cats God of Thieves Animism

Social Tenets[edit | edit source]

Each Adoration tenet adds 4 happiness from pleasure for the city. The tenets unlock various traditions.

Tenet Traditions
Arranged Marriages Holy Marriage Bribery
Arts Patronage Heavenly Art Trade Missions
Festive Debauchery Carnival Human Sacrifice
Holy Raid Human Sacrifice War Slaves
Joyful Sermons Carnival Animism
Love Marriages Holy Marriage Burials
Official Greeting Burials Might Makes Right
Order of Paladins Champion of <God> Burials
Order of Priests Bribery Holy Judge
Organize Debates Community Elder School of Philosophy
Peaceful Protests Holy Judge Turn the Other Cheek
Prosperity Gospel God of Thieves
Secret Society Burials Cult of Silence
Shelters Community Elder Just New World
Stern Sermons Holy Judge Doom Prophecy

Philosophy Tenets[edit | edit source]

Each Philosophy tenet increases the passive amount of offerings and materials received by the city at the start of each mission. The tenets unlock various traditions.

Tenet Traditions
Barbarism Cannibalism God of Thieves
Capital God of Thieves Trade Missions
Code of Honor Champion of <God> Just New World
Free Speech Ecstatic Salvation School of Philosophy
Heaven Holy Judge Heavenly Art
Hell War Slaves Grand Abberation
Naturalism Heavenly Art Animism
Promote Virginity Holy Marriage Human Sacrifice
Rain Goddess Baptism Animism
Sabbath Turn the Other Cheek Animism
Sun Goddess Human Sacrifice Turn the Other Cheek
Teamwork Community Elder Turn the Other Cheek
Zero Commitment Idol Carnival

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